virtual visits
Try out a virtual visit and receive care from the comfort of your home



What are virtual visits?

Virtual or online appointments allow you to connect with us online by video from your phone, tablet, or computer while you remain at home, following social distancing guidelines. Following your online visit, swing through our drive-thru at your convenience to pick up your prescription at no additional charge. Appointments can be scheduled right here on our website in less than a minute.

Not sure if you have a complaint that can be treated online? The list of common complaints below may help you, but have no fear, you can always start with a virtual visit and if you do need to come into the clinic the cost of your virtual visit will be 100% applied to the cost of your in-office visit.

Common complaints that can be treated online:

  • COVID-19 Screening (if test is required, we will perform in your car)
  • rashes
  • upper respiratory infections
  • allergies
  • sore throat
  • flu
  • sprains
  • urinary tract infections
  • back pain
  • conjunctivitis
  • burns
How much does an online visit cost?
  • All major insurances are accepted for this service, so you are only responsible for your copay
  • The flat rate for an online visit at Range with no insurance is $99 which includes a prescription from our in-house pharmacy. Swing through our drive-thru to pick up.
  • Online visits are risk-free – if you do need to come into the clinic following your in-office visit, the cost of the online visit is credited toward your in-office visit.