MON-FRI: 8am-7:30pm
SAT-SUN: 8am-4pm
MON-FRI: 8am-7:30pm
SAT-SUN: 8am-4pm
membership program
Premium healthcare for $10/visit and $30/mo.

Our membership program includes:

With both digital X-rays and lab testing on-site, we’re able to quickly diagnose and treat most minor injuries and illnesses. Urgent Care visits include:

  • X-Rays
  • In-House Labs
  • In-House Prescriptions
  • Treatments/Procedures

Virtual visits are FREE with your membership. Be seen from the convenience of your home for common ailments such as rashes, upper respiratory infections, allergies, sore throat, flu, sprains, urinary tract infections, back pain, conjunctivitis, and burns at no additional charge.

Whether you need rehydration to recover from the flu or get back to normal after a long weekend on the trails or a few too many at the local breweries, IV fluids are included in your membership at no additional charge. Pay your $10 visit fee and get rehydrated!

Need a lipid panel, or just want to come in for STI check? The only cost to you is the labs and your $10 visit fee. Labs can be billed direct from the lab, through your insurance, or you can pay through us for wholesale pricing. We can save you hundreds of dollars on certain labs!

Don’t forget your annual flu shot. A free flu shot is included in your annual membership! ($25 value)

Range carries over 20 in-house prescriptions that are available to you at no additional charge covering the most common complaints.


Become a member at Range Urgent Care and you can have access to all of the great care at Range for less than $1/day and $10/visit.

Sign up today and say goodbye to deductibles, copays and surprise medical bills. Range is excited to offer Asheville residents a truly affordable and convenient option for most of their healthcare needs.

*Membership rates are per person. This is NOT an insurance policy and does not cover any services outside of Range Urgent Care. 12 month contract is required.




Contact Us!

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about the membership program at Range Urgent Care. Call us at (828) 412-0327 for more information.