Learn what range is doing to keep our patients, staff and community safe.
Who gets tested and who decides??

As of April 20, the State Health Department has updated their guidance expanding on who should be tested for COVID-19 as we move into a new phase of the pandemic.

  • Anyone experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 — Fever, cough, shortness of breath, loss of smell
  • No asymptomatic patients will be tested at this time

Range Urgent Care follows the strict guidance from our local and State health departments regarding who gets tested for COVID-19. It is important that we follow this guidance. We are all in this together and we all need to be rowing the boat in the same direction!

Drive-thru Testing

We will be conducting all COVID-19 testing in our drive-thru starting on 04/21/20. Drive-thru testing times may vary daily. If you would like to be tested, please schedule a virtual visit (see info below) and we will let you know when to come through for testing.


Virtual Visits and COVID-19

In response to COVID-19, we are initiating all appointments with a virtual visit. In many cases, we can complete diagnosis/treatment over video and you can pick up your prescription from our in-house pharmacy or your pharmacy of choice.

If you do need to come to the clinic for testing/treatment, often times we can complete your testing/treatment while you remain in your car. This includes testing for COVID-19. This measure helps limit potential exposures to both yourself and others who might need to come into the clinic.

Some complaints will certainly require you to come into the clinic, but with these screening measures in place, in addition to our strict infection control protocols and use of PPE,  you can feel safe knowing that we have done everything feasible to limit your exposure to coronavirus while at Range.