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CoVID-19 Vaccine Now Available to Everyone 16+

As of April 7, 2021 anyone 16 and older can get vaccinated! Getting vaccinated is our duty as citizens in order to defeat the CoVID-19 pandemic and get back to our normal way of life. If you haven’t already been vaccinated, please consider getting vaccinated today!

why get vaccinated?

Here are some of the great reasons to get vaccinated today!
  • Once enough people are vaccinated, things will be able to get back to normal, which we can all agree is much better.
  • Help our small businesses. The sooner we get back to normal, the better chance our small businesses have to survive these challenging times.
  • There is a lot of misinformation about the safety of the vaccines and potential side effects. The vaccine is SAFE and the science behind the vaccine is sound. There are even early reports that the vaccine can reverse some of the long term side effects from CoVID-19 infections!
  • It is convenient! There are now many places in town to quickly and easily get vaccinated.
  • It’s FREE to you. Vaccines will either be paid for by your insurance or by the CARES Act Uninsured Program.CDC Vaccine Can Dos

Where can I get vaccinated?

  • Range is now offering drive-thru vaccines Monday-Friday 10am to Noon in North Asheville and Black Mountain. Schedule HERE: We’ll also come to you to vaccinate you at no charge if you have a group of 3 or more. Schedule a house call appointment HERE.
    • Range has the Moderna vaccine, which is available for ages 18+
  • Ingles Pharmacy
  • Buncombe County Health Department

Image Source: CDC (https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/fully-vaccinated.html)

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